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About EYSO

EYSO Story

  • Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO) is a Limited Liability Company licensed under No. 31345 and organized under the rules of Dubai Creative Clusters Authority – Dubai Media City Free Zone, owned and directed by Mr. Riad Kudsi who founded it in 1994.
  • EYSO was the first of its kind in the UAE, made up of only 12 of his students. By 1998, membership increased to nearly 50 musicians of more than 30 nationalities living in UAE who played a major role in the development of the musical culture in Dubai through many of the concerts performed.
  • Since 2000, the Orchestra has been invited to perform at International Youth Music Festivals and events, proudly representing the UAE Classical Music scene.
  • In 2007, EYSO and the National Conservatory were recognized and accredited by The Premier Music College of Prague. This allowed the orchestra to move forward and broaden its horizons of high level of performance and music education in the National Conservatory.
  • Due to its good reputation and high demand, EYSO has opened a new branch in Abu Dhabi in 2018.
  • Through the years, more than 500 violinists have joined the EYSO and the National Conservatory under the tutorage of Mr. Kudsi, but many eventually left the UAE. Several members continued their higher musical education in advanced music universities abroad and have become world renowned musicians.

Our Organization

EYSO is a unique group of young musicians in the UAE and the Arab world at large, committed to charitable and humanitarian efforts and devoted to cultivating the musical talent of youngsters, by creating a cultural and artistic environment by young talents, for young & adult audiences.

EYSO Missions

  1. Put the seeds to establish a Government UAE National Symphony Orchestra and Music Conservatory to develop the young UAE nationals and expatriate musical talents to the highest level of musicianship and enable them to become part of the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra which would feed the UAE National Symphony Orchestra which we inspire.
  2. Improve the children’s musical talent in an appropriate and systematic way, equal to that provided by many developed countries in this field.
  3. Provide talented young classical musicians with the opportunity to perform in public concerts. Performances enhance musical self-confidence and encourage a disciplined approach to the training of the instrument’s use.
  4. Enhance and contribute to the cultural and artistic musical environment in the UAE, and expose talented local and expatriate children to opportunities that might be more readily available in other countries.
  5. Promote humanitarian feelings and desire to help, through charitable concerts that bring people closer to each other through common pleasures such as the appreciation of music.

Our Administration & Parent’s committee

Riad Kudsi – Director & Conductor

Dubai Branch Abu Dhabi Branch
Mimi Yang Brook Suri
Hala Trmanini Anne Kurien
Ceren Caner Bettina Quabius
Jeroo Dayal