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Underlining the power of music in its universality.

The children who play in the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra come from many countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Ireland, USA, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea among many other nationalities living in the UAE.

They are joined by a common devotion and love for music, which we believe is the international language for expressing feelings and emotions. This kaleidoscope of musical understanding provides one nationality for the orchestra and symbolises the peaceful land of the UAE where more than 200 hundred nations are represented, living and working together in harmony.

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What we do

At EYSO we want to engage audiences and inspire a love of music through exciting live symphony performances, innovative programming, educational and community outreach.
National Conservatory Dubai
Teaching and training the next generation of the UAE’s brightest musical talent.Creating a diverse interest in the region.
Music Festival for Young Virtuosos
Embracing peace and charity through the celebration of our diverse music culture and the appreciation of classical music talent in the UAE.
Music Competition
Our mission is to nurture advanced student artists giving them the tools to pursue a professional life in music.

Our true success lies in our students.

Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it.
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The EYSO is a non-profit organisation training UAE's finest young musicians. Help us discover these young stars, train them to be the best they can be and show them to the world.

Classical Winter Wonderland.

11 DECEMBER 2017, MONDAY 19:00

An obvious choice for the season, Our Winter Wonderland, sounds just like a snow fall through town. Listen to the bracing first movement of the concerto, as performed by the kids of EYSO.

14th Emirates Peace Music Festival.

25 MARCH 2018, SUNDAY 12:00

The Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra established its own music festival in 2004. As a result of hard work, continuous rehearsal, hundreds of formal concerts for cultural and charitable events and numerous successful appearances at international music festivals.

Emirates Peace Music Competition.


Featuring inspiring music from gifted young musicians, the ultimate goal of the competition is three-pronged: the cultivation, development and appreciation of classical music talent in the GCC region and the rest of the Arab world, with a special focus on the UAE where the EYSO is headquartered.

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Feeling rather than education.

The EYSO has reached over 5,000+ students during it's 9-year presence through a variety of diverse Education and Outreach activities in schools, community centers, Charity, and in our home at Media City.

We are proud of our work.

Funds donated to the EYSO are invested in the Symphony’s ongoing sustainability and growth. Interest earned from these investments is used to support annual operating expenses for administration, programming, and education.

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The Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra and the National Conservatory Dubai are based in the heart of Dubai Media City. It is easy to find us in this central location that boasts some of Dubai’s most prestigious media and creative outlets.
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CNN Building, Dubai MEdia City,
5th Floor, Dubai, UAE.

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