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We believe public performances by young musicians contribute to their self-confidence; self-esteem and propels them towards reaching higher standards of musicianship and excellence. However, rehearsals, performances and other activities to keep the children engaged and maintain a high level of interest in performances and classical music requires financial burdens beyond membership fees.

Our numerous charity concerts and the annual Dubai International Peace Music Festival for Young Virtuosos is an expensive undertaking which requires government and corporate support.

Like most nonprofit oriented orchestras in the world, Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra owes its existence to the generosity of its contributors. Orchestra members and their parents already contribute a great deal of time and money in cultivating the musical talent of these young musicians. Corporate sponsorships and donations are critical to the orchestra’s continued survival and growth.

To recognize and show our appreciation for the contribution which we receive, we offer to perform on specific occasion that our contributors may find appropriate during receptions, gala dinners, products or services launching that they may organize from time to time; provided such times do not cause major conflicts with the majority of our members’ other scholastic programs or schedules.

Below mentioned are some of the classes and benefits that contributors to EYSO will get in accordance to the categories mentioned below. To become a supporter of the orchestra, please send us an e-mail to eysokudsi@hotmail.com

Current Main Sponsors

Media City has been one of the oldest and longest sponsor and supporter of Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra. We thank the management of Media City in particular and TECOM in general for facilitating our rehearsal and concert venues and for their support during the festivals and events.


Sponsors will be Recognised For Contribution

Your name will be published on our website with a link to your website.
Your name will be recognized on all programs for the season.
You can request a free performance for a corporate function during the season.
You will receive regular notifications of our performance dates.  

Corporate Sponsorships

Conductor’s Circle 150,000 Dhs

Platinum Circle 100,000 Dhs

Gold Circle 50,000 Dhs

Private & Individual Sponsorships

Silver Circle 25,000 Dhs

Bronze Circle 15,000 Dhs

Contributors: Donating Goods or Services

Friends donations 100 Dhs


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